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Let us help you build your dream home or chalet in the sanctuary of the forest, alongside Terra Perma community and projects.
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Our team and partners offer multiple building options. In collaboration with our partners, Terra Perma has several turnkey home solutions to choose from and customize.
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Do you have your own design?

We welcome your project and offer a diverse range of services to help you build your dreams. An established wood mill, onsite tractors, tools, and our expertise are available to all residents and offer financial benefits for community members and developers.

We are excited about the future and look forward to creating an eco-development unlike any other in Quebec.

How can we
collaborate & help?
Project management, Labour force, Tools and material, Consultation, Architectural plans and drawings, Agricultural planning, private contracting, preferred benefits and Terra Perma Partner rates. Expertise in environmental preservation and sustainable building.
& Building
Terra Perma enables you to choose your dream with one of our Turnkey home solution and designs. Each design can be customized to your lifestyle and needs. We’ll take care of everything for A to Z. We’ll even start your garden!
Terra Perma offers private land financing options, and will work with the financial institution of your choice, or builders to assist you in finding the best solution in order to achieve your goals.
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Belvedair is a General Contractor specialising in the conception and construction of Ecological homes.

With our experience as builders, we have learned that nothing beats good preparation. We are not just building green homes, we build well designed and well built houses that meet your needs and interests.

We offer turnkey solutions as well as the possibility to have you get involved, and take control of certain aspects of the build while being supervised by our team.

Learn more about the unique “Terra One” home with integrated greenhouse. A unique concept created in collaboration with the Terra Perma team, and an autonomous lifestyle in mind.


Comfort Design’s Micro-Home concept is the only house whose interior is fully completed within the plant, allowing you to save time and money.

Upon delivery of your home, finishing steps such as joints, painting, floor coverings and installation of mouldings are already completed, and all done in a perfectly controlled plant environment.

With an insulation factor of R-31 for walls and R-50 for roofs, micro-homes offer the highest insulation for homes in this category. Exceeding the building code standards and built according to a strict production protocol.

Find out more about the Micro-Homes and the “Transition” model designed in collaboration with the Terra Perma Team.

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